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S13 About Park Lane Recordings

Are you looking to record your work? Do you need a polished demo to showcase your talent? Park Lane Recordings studios offer a team of dedicated professionals to lay the unique sound to express your individual style. Since 1996 PLR has been showing up to supply all your recording needs. Musicians, tech mixers, engineers, producers and publicists are made available to you when you want to bring your custom sound or message to the world with a flawless presentation.

Our blog site is here to keep you informed on the latest deals and developments within the recording industry. You don’t have to have a fortune for a couple of hours of studio time. When you want to put down a few tracks to act as MP3 or MP4 downloads we make it happen for you. When you have a great idea or a unique sound that you want professionally recorded coming to Park Lane Recordings is a smart first step.

We even offer advice and guidance when requested. Our crew has over 35 years combined experience in helping recording artists jumpstart their careers. You can get your music or your spoken word out with a video or just a sound track. At Park Lane Recordings we surround you with the expertise to set you off on the right foot towards a blossoming career. We also have solid connections to some of the best musicians in the industry to act as back-up or support sound.

We’ve had an eclectic clientele over the years and through this site, we share some great stories. We have catered to a few big names and to up-and-coming artists who are stepping foot in the door of a recording studio for the very first time. No job is too big or too small for Park Lane Recordings.

Thanks for visiting our site. We welcome comments below each article. If you have questions about scheduling time or costs one of us here at PLR will get back to you with the answers you need.

Play On.